System Admission and Scholarship Examination (SASE)

Admission Guidelines

The MSU at Naawan Campus adopts the following SASE cut-off score for admission:

  1. Raw Scores
    • 70 above - Qualified for BS Accountancy Program
    • 61 and above - Passed for Admission in BS Program
    • 50 to 60 - Conditional to enroll in the bridging program under a specific COllege
  2. The SASE conditional passers are required to enroll and pass the bridging program for the specific College of thier choice. If they pass the program, they are allowed admission to the regular BS program of the College.
  3. Students who failed in the bridging program will not be admitted to the Campus in any other courses.
  4. Special College Entrance Test will be conducted for students who did not take the regular SASE. Cut-off scores for admission stipulated above (guideline No. 1) will be adopted.
  5. Academic Scholarship shall be granted to students with SASE score of 100 and above regardless of campus preference.
      Monthly stipend of Php 1000.00 (BS Fisheries, Marine Biology, Environmental Science and Agriculture) Php 750.00 (other courses); Free tuition and miscellaneous fees; Free dormitory accommodation and semestral Book allowance of Php 200.00 (1st and 2nd year), Php 500.00 (3rd and 4th year).

MSU SASE Requirements

  • Senior High School ID
  • Senior High School Ledger
  • Certification from High School Principal that the applicant is a graduating student or Form 138-A (Report Card) for out-of-school youth; or Certificate of Completion from Bureau of Alternative Learning System (BALS) for out-of-school youth;
  • Two(2) copies 2" x 2" ID pictures
  • A non-refundable testing fee of Php 300.00 to be paid directly to the MSU Campus Registrar/Admission Officer/MSU SASE Examiner at the test center at least two days before the examination date; and,
  • Duly accomplished Application Form. Application Forms are available at the Admissions Office or Registrar's Office of each MSU Campus, Test Center Examiners, Public or Private High School Principals or from Senior High School Coordinator.