Annual Agency In-House Review

MSUN continued to perform in the development arena through its ongoing commitment to research excellence. The Research Division recently held two major events – the Annual Agency-In House Review (AAIHR) for research, development and extension and, Colloquium for dissertations, thesis and short studies. The AAIHR was held on September 6, 2016 at the Audio visual room and the Colloquium on September 8, 2016 at the function house. Faculty and researchers presented project results from the fields of aquaculture, resource assessment, education, GIS among others during the AAIHR while new graduates and students from the Graduate Program presented research papers during the Colloquium.

The University Chancellor, Dr. Proserpina G. Roxas graced the two events urging active engagement of Faculty in research and development. The Director for Research Division, Dr. Elnor C. Roa encouraged everyone to join in conducting research and highlighted the tangible benefits research has to offer such as opportunities to travel, meet different types of people, discover and share new things, professional growth and career development.

The two activities were enthused with excitement as veteran and brilliant evaluators including Dr. Helen J.Vicente, Dr. Jessie G. Gorospe and Dr. Renato D. Boniao critiqued presentors during AAIHR and Dr. Jocelyn N. Gorospe and Professor B. Jimenez joined Dr. Helen J. Vicente during the Colloquium.

The winners

There were 15 papers presented in the In-house review and 14 papers in the colloquium. The two events climaxed with the announcement of the winners who were as follows:

Best Paper: Dr. Wilfredo H. Uy, "Age and community structure of seagrass across different sea cucumber searanch sites in the Philippines"
2nd Best Paper: Frederick B. Cabactulan, "Large Scale Mapping of Seaweed Farms using GIS as a Tool"
3rd Best Paper: Miahnie Joy P. Guisando, "Growth and survival of hatchery-produced Holothuria fuscogilva juveniles"

Best Paper: Ruby C. Gonzales, "Shape Variation and genetic diversity of the mangrove crab, Scylla, in selected areas of the Philippines"
2nd Best Paper: Dr. Venus Leopardas, "Broad scale variation in seagrass benthic macrofaunal assemblages along the coast of Japan"
3rd Best Paper: Jerico M. Consolacion, "Nutritive Value of Meat from Philippine White Mallard (Anas boschas L.) and Pekin (Anas platyrynchos L.) Ducks"