The NICER can be a strategic platform for IEC and public awareness of conserving biodiversity and sustainable sea cucumber fisheries.

The objectives of the project are driven to establish and promote sustainable sea cucumber fisheries

Objective 1

Provide vital information on the status of sea cucumber fisheries towards sustainable production and effective resource management;

Objective 2

Provide vital information on the ecology, biology, and population genetic diversity and structure of Holothoria fuscogilva in support of conservation, sustainable utilization, and mariculture of this high value sea cucumber;

Objective 3

Develop a viable mariculture technology for the production of H. fuscogilva juveniles for stock enhancement and development of sustainable livelihood from sea ranching activities in northern Mindanao; and

Objective 4

Refine the culture production of sandfish H. scabra towards an ecologically sound stock enhancement of sea cucumber.